Now that at least two other films, a tv series, several books and dozens of websites are all being produced using the title 'Lost Raven', we are changing the name of our search dog team. Though our commercial use began in 2001, establishing our rights to trademark, this overuse is causing too much confusion.

Using Mikella's aboriginal nickname, our search dog team's new name is the Dog's Raven Search Team.

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Dog's Raven Photo Album with Search Dog Facts
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Place Last Seen, The Indication,  The Harness, The Alert, The Leash, Finding Scent, Human Scent, Searching at Night,  Deceased Victims, Live Victims,
Place Last SeenThe IndicationThe HarnessThe AlertThe LeashFinding ScentHuman ScentSearching at NightDeceased VictimsLive Victims 

Successful Team,  Reliable Team,  Handler Duties, Super Tracking Dogs, Public Expectations, Finding the Victim, Handler Stress, Dogs Reduce Stress, Dogs as Companions, Backup, Handler Qualities, Handler Commitment, Handler Expenses,
Successful TeamReliable TeamHandler DutiesSuper Tracking DogsPublic ExpectationsFinding the VictimHandler StressDogs Reduce StressDogs as CompanionsBackupHandler QualitiesHandler CommitmentHandler Expenses

Scent Focus, Sociability, Search Potential, Canine Confidence, Search Dog Size, Search Dog Coat, Search Dog Breeds,
Scent FocusSociabilitySearch PotentialCanine ConfidenceSearch Dog SizeSearch Dog CoatSearch Dog Breeds 

Scent Abilities, Unconscious Victims,
Scent AbilitiesUnconscious Victims 

Training Basics, Transportation Exposure, Confidence Training, Scent Training, Career Length, Lifelong Training, Working Age, Canine Expectations, Teaching Tricks, Scent Categories, Deceased Victims, Human Remains, Bite Work, Training Rate, Canine Heritage
Training BasicsTransportation ExposureConfidence TrainingScent TrainingCareer LengthLifelong TrainingWorking AgeCanine ExpectationsTeaching TricksScent CategoriesDeceased VictimsHuman RemainsBite WorkTraining RateCanine Heritage 

Dogs vs Human Senses, Dogs vs Human Searchers, Canine Senses,
Dogs vs Human SensesDogs vs Human SearchersCanine Senses 

Female Search Dogs, Canine Bonds, Females vs Males
Female Search DogsCanine BondsFemales vs Males 

Search Dog Injuries, Search Dog Hydration, Search Dog Health,
Search Dog InjuriesSearch Dog HydrationSearch Dog Health 

Search Dog Stamina, Search Team Survival, Persistence.
Search Dog StaminaSearch Team SurvivalPersistence

More Photos about Search Dogs

Photos and Information about owning and training a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

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